In a perfect world, I'd be able to offer email and hand-to-hand support to everyone but the reality is that I can't.

While I try my best to answer every email possible, some days it can just get overwhelming.

Especially when you're helping 2,000+ entrepreneurs.

We have put together the Internet's best blogging/entrepreneurial community.

Not only can you get help and advice from me, but also others just like you doing the same journey.

Take a moment to join the DTC Discourse Community. It's just $19/yr.

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Blog Revenue Engines

On the surface blogging seems like it should be the simplest thing in the world.

You start a blog, write content and then make money.

But you quickly realize you need traffic. 

  • How do you get that traffic? 
  • Is your content good enough to get traffic? 
  • What content should you focus on? 
  • Where should you promote your content to ramp your blog up as quickly as possible?

Blogging is more than just learning the technical aspect of things but that doesn't mean you should go through months of growing pains and frustration.

Blog Revenue Engines was created to show you how to quickly pick a blog topic, choose the right content for it and scale your blog as quickly as possible so you can hit that magical $1,000 a month figure.

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