Authority Revenue Engines by Paul Scrivens

Authority Revenue Engines

What's included?

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My Motives
About This Business
Why You're Doing This
The Opportunity-Based Entrepreneur
The Authority Revenue Engine
Pros and Cons of AREs
Time and Energy
Dealing with Competition
Choosing Your Niche
What Is a Niche?
Single Niches Only
Evergreen, Seasonal, or Trending?
Finding the Niche
ARE Analysis Spreadsheet
9 mins
Using Google Trends
14 mins
Finding Content
The World Revolves Around Google
The Keyword Hunter
Alphabet Soup
8 mins
Using UberSuggest and Competitive Research
7 mins
Back to Google
4 mins
Analyzing Search Results
18 mins
Useful Browser Extensions
7 mins
Keyword Analysis Spreadsheet
8 mins
Setting Up Your Site
Why WordPress
Finding and Purchasing a Domain
9 mins
Choosing Your Web Host
Installing WordPress on SiteGround
10 mins
The User Experience
Installing a Theme
8 mins
Other Plugins to Consider
Writing Content
Research Your Topic
Research the Competition
The 2 Types of ARE Posts
Search Engine Crazy Post Titles
Answer Post Structure
Ultimates Post Structure
Getting Images
11 mins
Scannability Prevention Tips
Answer the Public
5 mins
SEO Magic
What Is SEO?
Basic SEO and WordPress
SEO and Site Structure
Setting Up Category Silos
10 mins
ARE SEO Workflow
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Primer
The Buyer's Journey
Authority and Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Content That Works
Information Products
Information Product Primer
Types of Information Products
Useful Tools
Your Audience
Getting Started with Promotion
Why You Need Promotion
YouTube Is a Gem
Pinterest Workaholic
What Next
Branding & Audience
Alternate Revenue Streams
Setting Up an ARE Network
Why Bother